Our Law Firm provides legal assistance in many areas of law, above all civil and commercial law, as well as criminal, tax, administrative, labour law and others.

We specialise in serving businesses and provide legal assistance to individual clients.

The Firm also specialises in representation during trials, having many years experience and a multitude of lawsuits carried out before courts of all instances.

We also provide legal advice in the field of widely-understood commercial and civil law as well as labour law, tax law, administrative law.

Legal advice provided by our Law Firm takes all kinds of forms, depending on the needs and expectations of our Clients, including:

  • - representation before courts in civil and commercial matters
  • - representation in proceeding before Provincial Administrative Courts and Supreme Administrative Courts
  • - defence in criminal cases
  • - representation before courts, administration and authorities in other types of cases
  • - participation in negotiations with business partners
  • - securing liabilities and claims
  • - representation in enforcement proceedings
  • - design and evaluation of various types of contracts applicable to legal transactions
  • - preparation of legal opinions and legal advice on the application of law
  • - developing the concept of company formation, drafting agreements and statutes of companies
  • - representation in registration proceedings
  • - the transformation of partnerships into joint stock companies
  • - advice on all areas of tax law
  • - representation before tax authorities

We offer service in English.

We offer service in Russian.

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