Our team provides comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses. Out of concern for the customer and the quality of service, we  analyze the problem thoroughly and prior to handling the case, we honestly inform the customer of our position, assessing the chances of achieving the objective.

A graduate of Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun, he started practising law in the profession of a judge, then as a legal advisor, and since 1979 he has been practicing as an attorney. The professional specialisation of Andrew Cejrowski includes representation during trials in both criminal and civil law. He also deals with legal support for religious corporations. Since 1970, he has served as the legal advisor to the diocese of Chelmno, and now the Diocese of Pelplin.

A graduate of the University of Gdansk, he performs extensive legal practice, specialising in civil and commercial law, as well as in publications in the field of strategy and tactics of trials. In addition, he deals with the permanent and ongoing support for businesses, which includes matters related to tax law and contractual law. His specialisation is complemented with his criminal cases, penal fiscal cases and criminal business cases. Complementing Paweł Cejrowski's specialization as an attorney, are the criminal cases he deals with, including criminal fiscal law and criminal business cases.

adwokat procesowy, specjalista z zakresu taktyki sądowej, występujący w licznych i głośnych procesach, prowadzący Kancelarię Adwokacką z siedzibą w Gdańsku, kierujący zespołem prawników specjalizujących się w reprezentacji procesowej

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